12 DIY seed starting hacks to make planting seeds cheaper, easier and quicker 



There are several reasons why you should start your organic veggie and flower garden from seeds. For example, if you opt to plant with seeds, you enjoy a much broader variety of plants and vegetables.

Additionally, with time, your spending will also reduce considerably as you will soon start to have access to seeds that come from your own plants. Here are 12 DIY seed starting hacks to make planting seeds cheaper, easier and quicker:

  • Seeding gel

Seeding gel is useful because it can save you the trouble of having to thin your seedlings later on in the season. Using seeding gel is more effective than seed tape and it is also quicker.

  • Paper mache planters

Starting out can be a really expensive venture but you can get a little creative by using paper mache planters instead of having to buy expensive starter trays.

  • Use shop lights

If you cannot afford to invest in traditional glow lights, opt for shop lights to start your seeds instead. Shop lights are available readily and for almost half the price of traditional ones.

  • Toilet paper rolls

Rather than throw your toilet paper rolls in the trash or recycling them, you can upcycle them by planting your seeds in them.  Simply transfer them to the ground, toilet paper and all, to the ground when the time is right.

  • Use paper pulp

You can utilize paper pulp form your junk mail or paper that you have around. You can make pulp easily by blending it in your blender.

  • Eggshells

Eggshells come in handy because they double up as perfect seed starters. Furthermore, eggs shells are completely portable, accessible and biodegradable.

  • Old newspapers

You can use old rolled up newspapers to replace costly planters or trays. Rolled up newspaper can serve as the perfect holding pot for your seeds before you move them to the ground.

  • Old cups or containers

Empty coffee cups or containers can also be utilized as seed starters. Their shape provides the perfect conditioned environment to germinate your new seeds.

  • Greenhouse tote

Contrary to popular belief, a greenhouse does not have to be a massive structure. It is possible to make your own DIY greenhouse is a storage tote to get started.

  • Cake Cones

Cake cones are reasonably priced and they provide the perfect space to start your seeds. Cones are also biodegradable meaning that they are safe for organic farming.

  • Play-doh container

Play-doh containers are also deep enough to contain your starting seeds.

  • Lemon rinds

Lemon rinds are small which means that they may be a better fit for starting your seeds. Allow the seeds to sprout and harden first before you can start transferring them.