6 Ways to HEALTHILY Feed Your Family on A ZERO Budget – For Creative Breadwinners!



Just because life is becoming tight and you’ve decided to live on a shoestring doesn’t mean your family stops enjoying fresh, healthy fruits and greens. There’s a lot you can do to wipe off that ballooning monthly grocery bill and still feed your family with fresh, healthy supplies.

You could start by tending that backyard garden, grow vegetables on the balcony or hunt the woods for fresh, edible fruits and fish. But before you do such, there’s a couple of creative and doable ways you can feed your family, even on a zero budget.

Let’s check them out!

  • Grow your veggies

It doesn’t matter how much you are cash-strapped, growing your veggies right at home will have a huge impact on that monthly bill. You can start by cultivating them on that backyard garden, container gardening or even planting them on a pot at the balcony.

Choose an old container or a DIY planter box and fill it with fresh, healthy soils before planting quick-maturing greens and vegetables. You can grow such crops as potatoes, tomatoes, beans, pepper, carrots, kales or squash, especially those that mature quickly.

  • Sprout your herbs

It won’t be creative to have a vegetable garden alone, even when you are an urbanite. An herbal garden is a must-have, mainly when you have a large container that has no use anymore. Plant as many of them as possible.

  • Learn to prepare your Condiments 

With your trips to the grocer reducing by the day, I thought you should also learn to prepare your condiments. Make those ketchup, butter, sauce, sour cream and mayonnaise and save a lot of money while having them tasty.

  • Raise your proteins

Unless you are a vegan, the meat will most definitely be a regular part of your diet. However, when life becomes tight, and you find it hard to buy beef or pork, don’t despair. The first thing to do is to raise small meat producers – chicken and rabbit. With a couple of them at your home, you will never go a week without grabbing a bite.

  • Raise natural sweeteners 

Now, this is the sweetest part of raising a family on a ZERO budget. Start by being an ardent beekeeper, right at the backyard of your home. It is the perfect way of getting healthy sugars for FREE!

  • Eat what you have

Next up, be sure to eat the foods you have at home strictly. With your garden finally producing its first batch and the herbs blossoming, be creative with what you already have at home. If you do this, your family will not get bored with the same ingredients, and you will have saved a ton on your budget.

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