Fun Theme Garden Ideas to Try


Planting a garden is only half the fun you can have each year. Another way to create a love for gardening within your family is to create theme gardens on your property.

A theme garden can follow any idea that is important to you, your kids, and your family. There are great theme gardens that are based on favorite colors, favorite foods, or even favorite movies.

Take some time to brainstorm ideas with your family, especially if you’re trying to get the kids involve. Let their imagination take them anywhere. Then choose a theme together, finding plants that will grow in your region and fit with what you’ve chosen to do for the garden.

Best Theme Gardens to Try this Year

The best theme gardens follow an idea that is important to everyone involved. If everyone is interested in the theme that is being used, then you will have a greater buy-in from everyone for the work that will need to be done.

Here are some of the best theme ideas to start getting your own creative juices flowing.

#1. Rainbow Garden

This theme garden has you planting items that incorporate all the colors of the rainbow. The colors can display on flowers, leaves, fruits, or vegetables.

#2. Salad Garden

With this garden theme, you would plant all the items you like to have in your salad. You might plant some kale, lettuce, cucumbers, or carrots.

#3. Pizza Garden

What does it take to make a pizza? You’ll need some tomatoes for the sauce. Like garlic and onions? Plant them then! Don’t forget about your herbs. Fresh basil and oregano on a pizza is fantastic. Your favorite toppings can be planted in the garden too, like peppers or mushrooms. Don’t forget to plant some wheat for the crust!

#4. Book Garden

There are many great books that feature a garden as part of the story. Peter Rabbit is a common theme that is chosen. Any story with a garden qualifies though. There are Star Trek hydroponic gardens out there that fit into this category too.

#5. Dinosaur Garden

It would be fun to plant dinosaurs to have them grow. This type of garden, however, features the types of plants that would have been around when the dinosaurs were in charge of the planet. Think horsetail, ferns, and similar shrubs and undergrowth.

#6. Zoo Garden

This fun theme will have you choosing plants that have animal names. You might plant some catnip in this garden. Lamb’s ear is another option to consider. Cardinal flowers, beebalm, Cranesbill, and Wormwood are some extra options to think about.

#7. Moon Garden

With this garden theme, you would plant items that would bloom at night. Evening primrose, some gardenias, Japanese wisteria, tuberose, and night phlox are fun flowers to plant for night blooming. Don’t forget about the popular moon flower for this garden!

If you can think up a theme for your garden, then there are plants that will help you to create a fun family project that can be run all year long. Which garden theme will you choose this year?