How to Build a Fairy House for Your Garden


A garden should inspire the imagination. For children, having fairies around in the garden encourages them to discover more about the natural wonders of life. You can’t have fairies in your garden if you don’t give them a place to live, which is why a fairy house is a great family project to tackle.

What is so neat about this type of project is that a fairy house can be created in many different ways. All you need to do is choose a quiet place in your garden, away from your busy paths, and you’ll be able to start creating some magic.

Materials to Use for a Fairy House

The best fairy houses are built from the materials that are in the garden’s natural surroundings. You can use anything from grass to moss, shells to sand, and even feathers or sticks to create a home for fairies in your garden. No two fairy homes will look alike. If you build one in the forest, it will look different than one which is built near the beach.

Make sure you have a base for your fairy house to start the construction process. A piece of scrap wood will serve just fine. Then add some outdoor decorations, like some moss or twigs to create miniature “trees,” and you’ll be ready to start the construction process.

Building the Fairy House

Like any home, you’ll need four walls and a roof as part of your basic design. A door, and perhaps a window, will add realism to this project for the kids.

Take your preferred building material and begin to stack it like you’re using Lincoln logs. If you were using sticks, for example, you’d want to lay two of them down that are parallel to each other. Then use some glue to place two more twigs down, so that they cross the first two. Then start building upward from there.

Adding a roof is pretty simple. Just lay more twigs across the walls once you’ve built them high enough. You can create a flat roof, which would allow you to add more moss and decorations to the structure or try a pitched roof if you’re feeling ambitious.

Once the house is put together, you’ll want to give the glue at least 24 hours to dry.

Become an Interior Designer for Fairies

A fairy isn’t going to move into a home that isn’t decorated. Once the structure has dried, begin to create an inside world. Give the floor some sand as a surface. Place dried leaves on the wall to function as insulation. Small pieces of wool can be turned into chairs and hammocks. An acorn cap becomes a neat table or dish.

Then add your finishing touches. Decorate the fairy house to help it blend into the garden surroundings in your yard. Your kids will be checking the house every day, so encourage their imagination as you see fit.

At the same time, you’ll also be encouraging your kids to become more involved with your garden and what happens there throughout the season.