How to Create a Winter Sculpture Garden


When the snow begins to fall during the winter months, it can be easy to forget about the joys of gardening. Thoughts begin to drift toward the holidays, family get-togethers, and if you’re a kid – presents.

This activity idea will help you bring the garden back to the top of the mind. Instead of going outside to make a snowman when the snow gets deep enough, the creation of a winter sculpture garden will help to bring the imagination of the entire family to life.

The only thing you’ll need for this activity is some warm clothing. The rest is up to you.

Start the Creation Process

Step #1: Gather natural materials that can be found in your garden. If you wish, you can expand the inspiration area to your yard. If you live next to a grove of trees or a forested area, you’ll be able to find a number of wonderful supplies for your winter sculpture garden. Pinecones, stones, sticks, twigs, ice, snow – anything that is natural and won’t harm a living plant is a good option for the sculpture.

Step #2: Inspire each person in the family to create their own fun winter sculpture. Although you’ll want to minimize limitations to inspire personal creativity, there should be some rules in place to keep everyone safe. One good rule would be to only take things from the gardens or yards of others with their permission.

Step #3: To add more color to the sculptures, you could mix some food coloring in a spray bottle with water. Some paints could be used as well, if the weather is warm enough, and the product won’t harm the environment. This works best if snow is included in the winter sculpture, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with your artwork either. You might find some amazing combinations!

Step #4: Document the work that is created in your new winter sculpture garden. Take pictures, then share them on your social media pages. Send the images to your local newspaper with a description of what you’re doing. If you own a digital camera, you can take time-lapse photography or images of the sculptures during different times of the day to show off the uniqueness of the art that was created.

As a final step, you might think about hosting a “gallery opening” for the winter sculptures that you’ve created. Invite your neighbors to the garden to enjoy the work that was created. If the snow is deep, you can shovel pathways that will take people through your gallery of work. Then serve some hot chocolate and treats to help keep everyone warm.

Art comes in many different forms. Far too often, we limit our imagination by limiting what we perceive to be art. With this winter sculpture garden project, you’ll be able to make use of your space in the off-season, keep thoughts of gardening strong, and have a lot of fun together as a family. Give it a try today!