How to Create an Herb Spiral Garden


Herbs are one of the easiest ways to introduce kids to gardening. Many herbs are very easy to grow, produce quickly, and then you get to use them in the foods you eat. For many kids, that equates to a lot of fun.

Many herb gardens are planted in containers, window sills, or special spaces in an outdoor garden. If you’re looking to “spice” things up with your herb garden, try creating a multi-tiered spiral design that can help you have a great garden in almost any weather condition.

Grab some building materials, markers, top soil, and compost for this project. You’ll likely need trowels and shovels too.

How to Build an Herb Spiral Garden

To create this garden, you’ll need to build a spiral outside in your yard. Use bricks, pavers, or stones to build the walls of this project. Then mark off a garden area that is about 8 feet by 8 feet in size.

Drive a stake into the middle of the ground where your herb spiral garden will be. Then use your construction materials to build your walls. Layer the stones along the outer edge, giving yourself some round shaping along the exterior.

Then begin building the walls upward. The lowest part of the wall should be at the front, then move to build it higher as you move upward. Fill in the extra height with gravel or sand to encourage drainage with your new garden. Instead of purchasing top soil or potting mix, you can add organic materials beneath the sand or gravel that will stabilize the spiral.

Just make sure you have about a foot of depth for the top soil for your herbs.

Keep working your way around, building up higher, until you get to the top platform. Then you can place a container, pot, or some other structure there if you wish. You can also fill it with dirt for more herbs to plant.

How to Plant an Herb Spiral Garden

Planting the garden requires you to plant the herbs which require the most drainage at the top of the spiral. Lavender, rosemary, and thyme are good options here because they also handle the sun well.

Along the middle of the herb spiral garden, you’ll want to plant items that like some moisture and sun. The herbs which work best here will be basil, sage, and cilantro.

At the bottom, you’ll want to plant the herbs which like the most water, like chives and mint.

For most herb spiral gardens, you’ll want to plant sun-tolerant items on the south side of your new structure. Shade-tolerant plants would need to go on the north side of the structure.

When choosing the herbs for your garden, make sure to follow your seasonal zones and planting schedule. That will allow you to have good growth throughout the year without the threat of a frost. Add a little compost to the soil after you’ve planted everything, give the garden plenty of water, and you will have created a wonderful addition to any yard or garden.