How to Host a Garden Birthday Party


Birthday parties for kids today often involve superheroes, princesses, and favorite cartoon characters. They’re held at pizza places, local restaurants, and activity zones for children. With a little work, you can turn your garden into the perfect place to host the next birthday that is celebrate in your home.

This isn’t the type of garden party where you sit back in your fancy clothes and eat tiny sandwiches and cakes while drinking tea. A garden party for kids involves games, dirt, and some learning opportunities about what is growing in the garden.

We’ll leave the invitations, food choices, and the party theme up to you. Here are some of the best games you can play if you’re hosting a garden birthday party that will have everyone enjoying the day.

Best Games to Play at a Garden Party

#1. The Clothespin Drop

This one is very easy to setup and is harder than it looks. Have the child stand on a chair. Then take an old Mason jar, which will be placed on the ground below them. Give each child 3-5 attempts at dropping a clothespin into that jar. Make sure a small prize, like a garden treat, is available for anyone who is successful.

#2. Pin the Zucchini

Instead of pinning a tail to a donkey or some other variation of the game, create your own garden poster. Then have a zucchini cutout (or your favorite vegetable) that will be pinned to the board in a specific location. The person who is closest to the exact spot wins the game. For added fun, spin the person who is pinning the zucchini around 5 times before having each participant walk forward.

#3. Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor birthday party in the garden is the perfect time to introduce a scavenger hunt. Create a list of fun items to find, then have a special prize waiting for the individual or team that comes back with everything first. If you live in an urban environment, you can go hunting throughout the neighborhood if there are enough parents around to supervise the teams.

#4. Art Contest

Grab a bunch of those tiny terracotta pots that are sold at most garden stores for under $1. Then bring some painting supplies to the garden party. Everyone can paint their own pot as a fun take-home item. To turn it into a game, have a parent judge the pots as if it were an art contest. You can then fill each pot up with soil and plant a few seeds to encourage even more gardening.

#5. Soil Relay

Have two 5-gallon buckets for each team or person. Fill one bucket with soil. Then give each child a small, plastic shovel. Do not use the metal trowels with sharp points for this activity. The kids must fill up the other bucket with soil to a designated line. Because this game gets very dirty, you’ll want to request play clothes be brought along for the party.

You could go play some video games for a birthday party, watch a movie, or pay for an activity in your community. With game ideas like these, you can also throw a fun garden party that the kids will love just as much.