How to Make a Garden Art Box


If you have limited space in your garden, or you just want to have something cute added to your space, then a garden art box is the perfect project. Kids between the ages of 3-10 (and a few older ones too!) will enjoy working on this project with you.

Getting started is easy. You’ll need to gather up the following supplies.

  • An old shoebox.
  • Some old garden catalogs.
  • Glue.
  • A small plastic container.
  • Clear contact paper.
  • A small notepad or notebook.
  • Your favorite art supplies.

This all-season activity is perfect indoors or outdoors, so the when and where is up to you. In return for about a half-hour of work, you’ll be able to help your kids remember all of their fun gardening adventures.

Instructions for the Garden Art Box Project

Step #1: Cut out plant pictures from the old garden catalogs, then glue them to the shoebox as a decoration. Think of this step as a collage, except you’re not using poster board. If you don’t have any old plant or seed catalogs, you can hunt through various magazines to find pictures of your favorite plants. If a few garden animals make it into the collage, that’s good too. Glue pictures to the top and sides of the shoebox. It is usually a better idea to let the bottom of the box remain bare.

Step #2: Cover the pictures with the clear contact paper. This will not make the shoebox become waterproof. It won’t really be water-resistant. The contact paper will give the art project more resiliency, however, and you’ll have one smooth surface instead of multiple layers of glued-on paper to manage.

Step #3: Add the art supplies you want to store inside of the box. There is no rule on how many art supplies you try to pack in there. Just keep in mind that a small sketch pad and a pen or pencil should be added at minimum to give the child something to do when this project is completed. If you want, you can make your own notebooks to add, taking half-sheets of printer or copy paper, then stapling them together.

Step #4: Add the small plastic container to the garden art box. You’ll want this in there to encourage your child to collect their favorite items that are found in the garden. This will limit the amount of dirt and grime that could collect within the art box over time.

Step #5: Then add some personal touches to the garden art box. Put the child’s name on the art box, the year you created it together, or whatever else you want to do.

Once your garden art box is created, you’ll be ready to start exploring. Set aside some time at least once per week to be out in the garden, creating art together. As an extra bonus, you now have a logical place to store some of the art supplies which always seem to be floating around the house.