How to Make a Winterberry Wreath


At the end of the year, the signs of the season always come upon us. Christmas trees are offered for sale, gingerbread is baked, and winterberry wreaths are put out for display.

The sight of a bright red winterberry wreath makes many people think of home. Instead of purchasing one at the store this year, why not try making one yourself?

Here’s what you’ll need for the project.

  • A wire wreath frame, either 18 or 24 inches in diameter. Grapevine frames will work if you prefer.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Hand pruners.
  • Wax string.
  • Wire.
  • About 50 Winterberry stems.

Then make sure you have a flat working surface. It may be helpful to have another set of hands waiting on standby.

Steps to Follow When Making a Winterberry Wreath

Step #1: Prepare your Winterberry stems for the wreath by removing spoiled berries and rotten leaves before. Then make sure your waxed string is secure to the frame or wreath foundation by tying it off.

Step #2: Begin to tie the Winterberry stems using bundles of 3 to the frame or wreath foundations. You’ll want to take the lower stems which are bare, then bend them to the arch of the frame shape for the new wreath. Then tie them into place. You’ll see the Winterberry stems wanting to flare outward from the wreath – this is expected. Use thin stems for the ones that stick out the furthest to prevent breaking or cracking.

Step #3: Overlap each set of bundles that you tie to the frame or wreath foundation, tying each new set of bundles in succession all the way around the wreath. When all of the branches are tied onto the frame, then you will want to use the hand pruners to ensure that your new Winterberry wreath looks balanced.

Step #4: Attach a loop of wire to the top of the wreath, either on the frame itself or hooked into the grapevine. This will serve as the hoop where you can hang the new wreath you’ve made in its display location.

Step #5: This optional step allows you to spray sealant on your Winterberry sprigs to give them some added protection against the elements outside. It is not necessary for a holiday wreath, however, as most Winterberry stems will last well into January for you.

The main issue that people face with this type of project is cost. When shopping for them online, the average cost is about $1 for every branch. That means spending around $50 for the product, plus extra for the grapevine or metal frame that you’ll use for the wreath. To offset that cost, you can always grow your own Winterberries at home.

Winterberries do need a lot of space to grow. They’ll be about 6 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall when they fully mature. If you do grow your own, make sure to cover them in bird netting to prevent the berries being picked before you can use them for this lovely wreath.