How to Make Plant People


One of the best ways to encourage children to get into gardening is to create fun projects which inspire their imagination.

Have you seen the commercials on TV for the Chia Pet figures? With this fun garden project, you’ll be doing something similar while using all-natural materials. Before you get started, here are the materials that you’re going to need to start making your own Plant People.

  • Potting soil.
  • Grass seed.
  • General craft supplies.
  • Glue gun or high-quality spray adhesive.
  • 1 pair of pantyhose.

This project tends to be more fun with younger children, although kids as old as 4th graders have been known to enjoy it.

Once you’ve got the supplies, you’ll be ready to follow these steps to create your own fun Plant People.

Create Plant People for Your Garden Today!

Step #1: Take your pantyhose and cut out a strip that is at least 6 inches long. You’ll need to tie a knot at one end of the pantyhose if the strip you’ve cut doesn’t contain the toe. Your goal here is to create a “bag” to begin making the Plant People.

Step #2: Take 1 tablespoon of grass seed and place it into the closed end of your pantyhose bag. You can use almost any type of grass seed for this project, but it might be wise to keep the environment in mind. Some grasses grow better in shade, while others prefer a lot of sunlight.

Step #3: Fill up the rest of the pantyhose bag with potting soil. Then tie the other end of the bag closed, so that now you’ve made something more akin to a pantyhose burrito. Now you can begin shaping the ball to make it look more like a head.

Step #4: Place your new head into a shallow dish. You’ll want to make sure that the side with the grass seed is on the top. Now take your craft supplies to begin making the face for your Plant People. Felt, googly eyes, buttons, fuzzballs – just about anything that can attach with a hot glue gun or spray glue can be used to bring your Plant People to life.

Step #5: Once the glue has set for you, it is time to water your new creation. The soil should remain moist and grass prefers a warm location to begin the germination process. This is going to take a few days, so check on your Plant People each day to make sure the soil hasn’t dried out on you. The first signs of hair should begin to appear within 5 days.

Step #6: Once the grass begins to really grow, you can give your plant person a haircut every so often to keep them looking at their very best. You might also let the hair keep growing to see what happens!

Whether you decide to make one Plant Person or a whole family of Plant People, you and your kids will find that this simple project can be a lot of fun.