Our Story

Joe is a Charis Bible College Graduate, he is a part of that which is greater than himself, he and fellow students gave of themselves and their expertize to helped build the internal structure class rooms and artistic work, throughout the building  with a single mindful purpose of giving back.

He continues to use his skills to lend a hand to the elderly and those who are unable to physically or monetarily afford to repair issues with their home or landscape, Joe says that it is not him who is responsible for the knowledge he has, but a higher power, he says that he would not know or be able if not for the love of the Father.

There was a time he did not or know how to repair anything, wondering how does one do these wonderful things like repairing stuff around the house, example, be able to caulk around the bathtub and make it look real nice or fix his ceiling that is drooping down in the bedroom. So what did you do about it?  I could ignore it and hope it goes away or just don’t think about it.  So he prayed about it and asked for guidance, that he may have the knowledge and wisdom to perform that which he felt he needed to do,  that is when Matthew 7: 7,8 leaped off the page,  there it was all I had to do was to ASK. So he asked and it was not only given, but shown the process and direction, to accomplish the skills needed to perform the task before him. Joe searched and he did find his questions answered, and he was knocking as loud as he could. Stopping and sitting in silence to listen and understand. There is in each moment in his day he is grateful for all that been given, know there is an anointing bestowed in each project that occurs, we as a community shall rise up and make a difference and raise up those which are in need, because there is a power much larger then ourselves and yes we shall endeavor to break the chain of that which may be holding you in bondage, Joe said believe and receive. He still asks searches and knocks and always pleasantly amazed at how much abundance is given by his asking. We are to love our neighbor and we love ourselves.

Mary 97 year’s young said I can’t remember when the last time anyone did anything to my tractor, Joe said I will look at your tractor and see what I can do. he researched to see what information was available and ordered a service manual to help facilitate what was before him, what type of oil the diesel engine would take and the fuel filters needed, filled the fuel tank. He says,  I know this sounds a little crazy but I can tell you it seemed like the tractor smiled when it started; Joe told Mary about her tractor and how it smiled,  Mary laughed and had  the biggest smile ever, seeing the joy in her eyes and the air surrounded by joyful laughter was a wonderful blessing to her heart. Mary said…no one has taken care of this equipment since my husband went to be with God 15 years ago, we held each other and thankful to God for the blessing of bringing us together, all the glory is His. Joe is to this day doing work for Mary.

I asked Joe how do you do this I mean where do you get the funds to do these projects he says in a quiet voice my retirement and night job, then how do you live? He stated he lives each day in the love of the Father, there much to do as far as repairs to be made on Her property, Joe wants to repair her roofs on Her out buildings paint her barn replace the blown of pieces of the roof that had blown off and rebuild her wheelchair ramp.  I asked him again how you do all these things that you do for others. He stated it’s not me it’s Him.

Joe got a phone call around 2am and its Mary, she is frantic and says I have no heat in the house and its cold can you come over, jumped out of bed and heading in her direction, she is huddled up in a blanket surrounding her wheelchair I looked at her thermostat and nothing was happening so I went to the basement. I started going down the stairs and could not believe my eyes the water was three feet or so deep, I asked her to come to my house and stay until we get the water out of the basement and get heat back into the house she agreed. The next day started pumping water out of her basement. Note: (Project Complete)

A lady from across the road came and said my basement is flooded can you help, I looked at her large basement and know that submersible pumps were not going to do the job so I went out an purchased a Generac Trash Pump with a 2inch suction and discharge, he hooked that up and was amazed at the outcome, it was almost freighting to see the amount of water shooting out of that basement through those hoses, he sucked as much as the suction hose would allow then hooked up two submersible pumps into the sump pump pits and pumped until all water was out of the basement, then installed a new sump pump and back-up system. You would think that whew! well now comes the cleanup,  it had been three days before the water was noticed so it was rubber boot time scrubbers and a lot of disinfecting, and mold clean up, he used a formula sold which crushes mold spores so it is unable to  progress,  there was bags and bags  of items to be disposed of. Even though a new sump pump was installed Joe would advise anyone to put in a back-up pump or system in their home it will save you heart ache and frustration, another thing he did was to elevate everything off of the floor.  This lady will never have to worry about her precious items getting wet ever again period.  Joe says compassion can make a difference when someone is at the end of their rope, he said our elderly and those folks that are unable to afford the high price tag of repairs are out there in no man’s land and they need us. Joe said he will do whatever it takes to help ; you would be surprised some of your neighbors may need help but don’t know how to ASK, or feel they don’t want to be a burden to anyone so I’m saying love your neighbor as you love yourself, God Bless you have a Bless day.

Joe told me the story of the little girl and fixing her bike, She said thank you without uttering a word, A little girl came by and said can you fix my bike,  will do what I can to help you, well he got the bike going she said thank you and was off, weeks later it was cool out and a bit of snow and he heard a voice calling, turning to see and there was that little girl standing by the road,  he walked over,  she reached into a bag with her right hand and pulled out a small box smiling said this is for you, he opened it and said thank you; she was gone again. he took the gift inside and looked at it, tell us what was in the box Joe. In small box there was a white candle about as big around as a small cup, the candle wrapped in cardboard sheeting but it was colored in purple with a crayon; on me as he looked at it thinking this was very beautiful and thoughtful,  then after taking the gift out of the box and happened to look under the gift at the bottom there was a note in gold crayon which said (to my best pal) Joe said his eyes could barely see because of how he felt; he says that his heart was saying,  this is a message from God saying thank you for taking care of my little one, Amen

A lady said I want to have a garden so I can have fresh vegetables, and she told me the story of why she would like a garden. She said I was so hungry at one time that I went out and dug up some potatoes that had been in the ground a long time so I could have something. The ground is really hard and I don’t think I can turn it over to start my garden. Again I ASK, she wants a garden and the ground is hard got to have a rototiller to help her out while driving from South Bend  all the time in my mind I need a rototiller to be able to help Her, all of a sudden I pass a place on the road that had machinery and other items for sale, so I turn around I walk in to the establishment and an older gentlemen was sitting there and says can I help you find something I stated that I was looking for a rototiller he says, let me give you a tour of our place, so we went from room to room and He was so proud of His store and the memories that it brought to him and his wife, well one thing led to another  we talked for hours about everything conceivable I was so blessed to hear his story.  His wife came in the store and she asked her husband if he would like coffee and asked if I would like some, yes please.  A few hours had passed and she came back to the store and said we are going to have some lunch would you like to have lunch with us, I thank you but I have to be going, her husband say’s well then let me help you load up that rototiller on the back of your pickup. He showed me all the functions and started it up he said I want you to know what you are getting before you take it home, I still feel that sense of aww of their generosity and kindness shown to a stranger.  I could not get over the wonderful belonging and acceptance that I received, so I decided to go back there and visit with them I drove up the highway,  down the highway and thinking did I pass the place up, so did it again and again, but there was so such place. I thought about the kindness shown, the generosity given and the ease of the conversation but most of all the feeling of belonging, I came to one and only one conclusion. I asked and He set the table before me, I believe they were Angles sent by Him; He said in His Word ASK… and I did, His Word is true Amen.

A text message from a lady my gutter has fallen down is it possible to repair it when you have time, it was a cloudy day and knew rain was about to happen so Joe texted her back and said he was on his way, he said that he could feel her sigh of relief just by letting her know he was coming now. Repair was made just in time the rain just started to come, it’s amazing the timing of all things that fall into place when our hearts are in the right place.

A text message, can you come and look at my bathtub it needs to be chalked my bathtub it’s got this huge gap all around it, it’s been that way for some time and I tried to do it the best I could but, could you come and look at it and see if you can do anything with it please.

Sandra called and said my lean-to roof is sinking into the ground there is a huge dip in the roof can you come and look at it and see if you can fix it. The roof was jacked up on both sides of support and the four foot laminated piece of wood was hand dug and removed the roof is now supported until the ground thaw then the repair will be accomplished.

Lady said can you come and look at my barn the roof has blown off by the wind. Joe, can you tell us a little about this barn? Well as you can see its missing around 50% of the sheeting from the roof and it will have to be repaired also there is some parts of the structure that will have to be replaced in order to attach the existing and new roof in place, this will take a little time but will be accomplished this summer.