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Natural pest control tips and tricks 

  Growing your own plants at home can have numerous benefits including giving you access to fresh organic produce which can reduce your spending considerably. Although keeping and maintaining your own organic garden certainly has its pleasures, it can also be an extremely challenging endeavor to undertake. For instance, because organic plants are supposed to […]


How to Start a Garden for Children

  Can it be difficult to engage children with the art of gardening? Sure. That’s because adults tend to see gardening in a different way. Adults look at the outcomes that gardening provide. A well-tended garden can provide plenty of homegrown fresh produce and opportunities for the family to engage in a meaningful activity. Children […]


Let’s Get Down to Fertilizer Basics

  If you want your garden plants to be healthy, good-looking, and productive, it is crucial that you supply them with appropriate fertilizers. Sadly, more than 50 percent of American gardeners don’t use fertilizer. In this blog post, we are going to take a quick look at important basics of fertilizers — the what, the […]


How to start your own organic garden 

  When people think of organic gardens, some of the very first things that come to mind are healthy strawberries, juicy tomatoes, and green crisp leafy veggies.  Organic gardening refers to the process of farming without the use of toxic chemicals that are harmful and debilitating not just for your health but to the ecosystem […]


How to Attract Bug-Eating Birds

  Chirping birds of all kind add a touch of beauty and a sense of life to your garden. But there’s another excellent reason you want to attract birds to your backyard: pest control. Unlike pesticides that do more harm than good, bug-eating birds can save you lots of headaches. What’s more, the birds find […]